What You Need to Know if an Accident Causes Blindness

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Apr 2016
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Ramon was a hard worker and did maintenance for a local luxury apartment building. He ventured into the stairwell and started wiping down the walls. Unfortunately, Ramon slipped on a wet substance. It threw him down the cement stairs and into the cinder block wall. The accident caused Ramon’s left eye to bash into the hard surface. Suddenly, Ramon could not see. The accident had caused blindness.

Obviously, loss of vision is a big deal. We rely on sight for so many things. Was Ramon entitled to recover damages for his injuries?

Blindness and Workers’ Compensation Claims

In our example, Ramon was working at the time of the accident. He has the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim. The insurance company will arrange for authorized medical treatment. They will also ensure that Ramon receives lost wages while he is out of work. More than likely, Ramon will never be able to return to janitorial work. What happens then?

We’ve mentioned before that there are awards for permanent disability for various injuries. Obviously, blindness can occur from a construction accident or an explosion. It might even happen as a result of another type of slip and fall incident at work. Even an electrical shock can cause loss of vision.

workplace accidentProof of blindness may be a reason that a worker can receive permanent and total disability. The blindness would have to be the result of one accident. It would also need to pertain to another major part of the body. In the foregoing scenario, Ramon seriously injured his back. More than likely, he would receive total disability. Frankly, Ramon admitted to us that he’d rather be at work.

Loss of Vision and Other Types of Personal Injury Cases

The gift of sight is an important one. Many of us take it for granted. You may have become blind from non-work-related accidents. Here’s what you need to prove to claim damages:

  • Some other party was responsible for your injuries
  • The accident caused you to become blind or experience loss of vision
  • Your life has changed as a result of not being able to see

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