When Will My Case Go to Trial?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Sep 2013
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Personal Injury AttorneyOne of the most common questions that personal injury claimants ask their lawyers is when they should expect their case to go to trial. This is generally not an easy question to answer since the answer depends on various factors that your personal injury lawyer in New Jersey may not be able to easily antici pate, especially at the outset of your trial.

Factors Affecting Trial Date in Your Personal Injury Case

There are certain key factors that may affect when the court clerk will set a trial date for your personal injury claim. Your lawyer will look at the following factors in attempting to give you at least an approximate date as to when your case may go to trial:

  • The specific facts of your case.
  • Whether you have completely recovered from the personal injuries you are claiming.
  • Whether all relevant discovery has been propounded and answered by all parties involved in the case.
  • The number of cases currently pending for trial in the jurisdiction where you have filed your New Jersey personal injury claim.
  • The availability of a judge to preside over your case.
  • The type of trial calendar that is set up in the court where you filed your lawsuit.
  • The availability of your own New Jersey personal injury lawyer and all other lawyers involved in the lawsuit to try the case.

These are only some of the factors that may affect when your case will be set for trial. Although it is understandable that you are anxious to proceed to trial, the best policy is to be patient and follow the advice of your lawyer to get a court date assigned as soon as possible.

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