Workplace Injuries Due to Animals

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  • Mon Oct 2012
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Work Place Injury AttorneyA dog biting a mailman is a stereotypical, but real, workplace injury. You may be surprised to learn that many employees are injured by animals every year. The number of work-related injuries and illnesses involving animals is higher than the national average. If you’ve been injured at work, contact a New Jersey injury lawyer about protecting your legal rights.

Veterinarians and veterinary assistants, of course, come into a lot of contact with animals and are therefore likely to be injured by an animal. Animal trainers, laboratory workers, and animal groomers are also often vulnerable to injuries by an animal. Employees at pet stores, animal shelters, kennels, aquariums, and zoos may also be hurt by animals.

Even workers who do not directly work with animals may come into contact with them and suffer injuries. Such workers include postal workers, gardeners, construction workers, plumbers, meter readers, agricultural workers, and salespeople.

Types of Injuries

Typical injuries involving animals include bites, scratches, kicks, falls, and impact injuries. Working with animals may involve heavy lifting, causing back injuries. Animals may also harbor harmful diseases causing allergies, infections, illnesses, and even death. Zoo-noses are diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals, and may include ringworm, hydration tapeworm, and Q fever.

Working with animals can be physically and emotionally demanding. Animals often act unpredictably and can cause serious injuries. They can become aggressive without warning. Therefore, the number of animal work-related injuries and illnesses is higher than in most other areas of employment. A New Jersey injury lawyer can advise you regarding your legal options if you are injured at work by an animal.

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