Your DWI Sentence Could Include Education and Treatment

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Sat Oct 2019
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More than likely, you already have some inkling of the consequences of driving while under the influence. New Jersey laws changed recently and lessen the amount of time you’ll be without a license. However, you should know that your DWI sentence could include education and treatment.

DWIFirst and foremost, you may have heard that even first offenders will need to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles. Of course, this only happens after the suspension period ends. The device is a means of taking your blood alcohol content (BAC) reading before you even start up the car. Although you bear the expense of the device, it still beats the inability to legally drive.

New Jersey law wants to look at minor offenders and give them a second chance. However, the court still has the ability to order you to attend educational seminars. Additionally, if the judge feels you need it, you might need to be court-ordered to seek treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.

DWI Education and Treatment

If you’re in the Elizabeth area, or anywhere in Union County, help is near. Last month, the Union County Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) decided to renew its program for next year. The programs offered assistance to 851 people convicted of either DUI or DWI.

Like anything else, there are fees involved in taking the 12-hour program. However, the fact that it’s located right in the downtown area of Rahway makes it slightly more palpable. The whole idea is to stop future events of intoxicated driving.

Truth be told, you could be facing the same consequences if you decided to refuse a breath test. Most people aren’t aware that refusal comes with harsh sentencing. It’s a lesson you might learn after the fact.

In the meantime, you may want to know more about the education provided by the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. The classes are intended to prevent you from returning to a subsequent drunk driving conviction.

New Jersey has laws in place for multiple DWI convictions. Penalties are harsher once you’ve been convicted more than once. That said, there is something known as a step-down provision if the charges are more than ten years apart.

As much as you won’t necessarily want to take the 12-hour class over two days, you may find it leads you to avoiding further arrests. In the end, it may prove beneficial.

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