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construction worker
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 2 2019Construction Accident(0)

Weather acts as a predictor in many facets of life. Therefore, it should come as no surprise. Here in New Jersey, more construction accidents happen in the summer. The reason is somewhat intuitive.

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Injury Victims Need to Know How Important it is to File a Claim on Time
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 20 2019News(0)

While the quote is unattributed to an unknown author, it bears some significance. “One of these days, is none of these days.” For injury victims, filing a claim on time has an important meanin

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Were You Injured on One of NJ’s Worst Roadways?
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 16 2019Auto Accident(0)

Most would say that coming in first place isn’t always a good thing. Meanwhile, you may already have your suspicions regarding NJ’s worst roadways. One news article describes the portion of Ro

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Should You See a Lawyer If You're Hurt in a Fight at Work?
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 8 2019Uncategorized(0)

You’re understandably furious. Through no fault of your own, you were hurt in a fight at work. After x-rays at the emergency room, you learn you’ve broken your arm. Your employer refuses to pa

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Summer's Here! Will NJ Residents See More Water-Related Deaths?
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 2 2019Uncategorized(0)

Last year by this time, over thirty people succumbed to water-related deaths. While many occurred in open waters, some related to swimming pool accidents. There’s no evidence that the trend will

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Are There Really More Pedestrian Accidents in Good Weather?
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 25 2019Pedestrian Accident(0)

It’s an unfortunate consequence of good weather. Pedestrian accidents occur with more frequency when the sun appears, and the days are longer. No doubt the increase relates to the number of peop

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Truck accident
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 21 2019Accident(0)

You don’t necessarily need the real statistics to confirm what you sense yourself. Truck crashes not only appear to be on the upsurge. Documented studies show they are happening more frequently. And

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Hurt While at Shopping Mall or Store: What You Need to Know
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 10 2019Slip And Fall(0)

Your quest for bargains just became more expensive than you’d hope. Of course, it wasn’t your intention to get hurt at a shopping mall. Recovering from the embarrassment is one thing. How will

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Fall Downstairs
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 5 2019Slip And Fall(0)

Life comes with its share of ups and downs. And, when you fall downstairs, the phrase takes on even more of a literal meaning. In some cases, it becomes a near death experience. At the very least,

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