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dwi accident attorney
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 17 2018DWI(0)

If you’re like many people, you’re happy to invoke the luck of the Irish at least one day of the year. After all, St. Patrick's Day is a fun day in New Jersey filled with green costumes, green bee

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Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 15 2018Accident(0)

You’re not sure you’ll ever get behind the wheel again. The accident caused you so much emotional distress that it has affected your daily living. More than anything, you wish you could forget tha

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Dog Bite
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 13 2018Dog Bite(0)

Like many people, you may be an animal lover. In contrast, you may be someone who is deathly afraid of dogs. In either case, a dog bite often represents a painful and alarming injury. Unfortunately, s

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slip & Fall attorney
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 12 2018Slip And Fall(0)

It’s the last thing you needed to happen. It’s not just you’ve had enough with New Jersey weather. In fact, the bizarre mix of snow and thunder has everything to do with the reason you slipped a

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cerebral hemorrhage
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 5 2018Work Injury(0)

It’s been a difficult few months.  You were on a job site when you suddenly felt dizzy and started to have double vision.  Later, you learned that you had a stroke at work.  All things considered

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Male doctor explaining spine x-ray to patient in the medical off
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 3 2018Workers Compensation(0)

More than likely, it isn’t news to you that cancer has been linked to work-related conditions for many years. In a previous article, we’ve previously discussed how work-related cancers caused by t

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personal injury attorney
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 28 2018Accident(0)

You’ve just been in a car accident caused by another driver. You’ve been hurt. Shortly afterward, you get a call from the other driver’s insurance company. What should you do?  In your mind, li

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heart attack
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 27 2018Accident(0)

You are at work just like any other day. You put in most of your shift like you always do when the unthinkable happens; you have a heart attack. Once you are stabilized you have many questions.  

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hear loss
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 23 2018Work Injury(0)

At first, you thought it was your imagination.  However, you soon realize that you’re having difficulties hearing simple conversations.   Truth be told, you’ve often wondered if all the loud no

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