Wrongful Death Attorney New Jersey

Wrongful Death Attorney New Jersey If you have lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence, your Wrongful Death Attorney New Jersey of Beninato & Matrafajlo Law firm will aggressively fight to get you the just compensation that you are entitled to for the loss of your loved one.

What Is Wrongful Death?

There is no greater loss than the tragic and sudden death of a loved one, especially if it involves a wrongful death case. A wrongful death refers to a situation where someone’s negligence or wrongful conduct has resulted in another person’s death. The family members and/or estate of the deceased can bring a wrongful death suit to provide emotional and financial relief.

The different kinds of accidents that can lead to wrongful death are-

1. Workplace accidents

2. Medical malpractice

3. Bicycle accidents

4. Defective products

5. Lack of security to prevent violent crime

6. Wrongdoing by law enforcement

7. Occupational exposure to asbestos and other toxins

8. Motor Car accidents

9. Truck accidents

10. Motorcycle accidents

11. Other automobile accidents

New Jersey’s Wrongful Death Act

The New Jersey state legislature has passed the Wrongful Death Act, which defines wrongful death as a death caused by the wrongful act or omission of another person where pecuniary losses are sustained. This statute broadly allows for the victim’s loved ones to maintain an action for damages resulting from the unexpected death. The New Jersey wrongful death statute exists to provide the victim’s family compensation for the various expenses that usually accompany an incident leading to the death of the victim in question.

Compensation includes hospital bills, funeral costs, attorney’s fees, and even lost earnings and household services that would have benefited the survivors. Additionally, New Jersey law permits spouses and dependent children to recover non-economic damages for loss of love, care and affection as well as damages for loss or parental guidance and training. Your Wrongful Death Attorney New Jersey can provide you with more details as to the exact compensation you are entitled to.

The Wrongful Death Act further delineates that an estate in the name of a victim of a wrongful death act must be opened within two (2) years of the date of the wrongful act, or the cause of the action will be barred by the running of the statute of limitations.

Get Legal the Help You Deserve

Nothing a Wrongful death attorney New Jersey does on your behalf can fully compensate you for the loss of a loved one. Your lawyer cannot perform miracles, but a successful wrongful death lawsuit can help to compensate you for some aspects of the loss and ensure that negligent parties face some accountability. Your Wrongful death attorney New Jersey will work with a team of professionals to determine the full extent of economic losses, demonstrating the income and other services that would have been contributed to surviving family members over the lifetime of the deceased.

The lawyer you choose makes a difference in the outcome of your case. For a free consultation with experienced Wrongful death attorney New Jersey Dan T. Matrafajlo , please call (908) 248-4404.

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