Ever Wonder Who Makes Sure Carnival Rides Are Safe?

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carnival ridesCarnivals seem to pop up everywhere this time of year.  They are great fundraisers and children and adults look forward to them.  Food vendors are busy deep frying pastries.  Meat is sizzling on the stick.  And, that’s just part of the appeal.  There are also the games of chance.  And, of course, the rides.

There are carnival rides put up for just the weekend.  Amusement parks.  Theme parks.  Rides that line the boardwalks of the Jersey shore.  All offer a degree of excitement and risk.  And, unfortunately, the potential for risk.   Ever wonder who makes sure they are safe?

Carnival Amusement Ride Safety in New Jersey

New Jersey does have specific rules regarding carnival and amusement rides.  They specifically deal with the “design, construction and operation” of the ride.  Of course, the intent is to make sure that everyone who uses the ride is reasonably safe.

Basically, these rules deal with engineering standards that manufacturers are expected to comply with when designing rides.  When a dealer offers a ride for sale, they must prove that the state has certified the equipment.  Once a company owns a particular ride, they must also submit it for annual inspection.

The State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs is the government entity in charge of initial certification and annual permits.  Local agencies, such as fire departments may check to make sure ride operators have the necessary permits.  Is this enough?

Accidents happen.  Jennifer Brennan remembers the day she took her son Michael to the community fair.  Jennifer placed the young tike on the small ferris wheel and watched as it went around.  To her horror, the machine started to tumble over.  It was off balance.  Several men and Jennifer were able to return the ferris wheel to an upright position.

Unfortunately, Michael’s arm became twisted as it was jolted.  When Jennifer took her son to the emergency room, she learned that his arm was fractured.  In fact, it was a bad break.  One that required surgery.

We’ve already provided you with some important steps to take after a theme park accident.  Whether the accident happens at Six Flags, a local carnival or the boardwalk rides, you should follow these same instructions.

Although there may be an assumed risk to partaking in any amusement ride, that doesn’t mean your safety should be compromised.  Take precautions for you or your loved ones before entering any rides.  This notice issued by the State  offers some solid advice.  Use safety equipment such as seatbelts and restraint bars.

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