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Road Accident Lawyer New JerseyHazardous road conditions are the cause of many motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injury or death. Of course, your situation is specific, but a Newark hazardous road accident lawyer recognizes recurring themes.

What road conditions place drivers and passengers in jeopardy while driving?

The first factor is that the road itself may be bad.  A second factor is that some condition may exist on the road which is caused by some other party. Thirdly, weather and natural conditions may play a role.

What is a “bad” road?

A road may be bad due to a number of factors, the most common of which are:

  1. Design;
  2. Inadequate signage;
  3. Improper or poor maintenance;
  4. Inadequate lighting; and
  5. Improper guardrails.

Hazardous road accidents caused by other entities

Road construction is the major contributor here. Your Newark hazardous road accident lawyer understands that the daily clean-up as required for a long-term project may not be done. Also, lane closures may not allow adequate room for merging.  Another issue may be some spillage on the road, either from a commercial entity or a private party.


Rain, snow, sleet and fog all potentially play a role in accidents.  Even if bad weather is the primary cause of a bad road condition, any of the above mentioned causes may exacerbate a weather-related accident or be contributory causes.

What damages can I collect if I have been injured in a hazardous road accident?

You may collect monetary damages to repair the vehicle as well as all financial losses associated with the accident.
It is important to act quickly. Dan T. Matrafajlo, a Newark hazardous road accident lawyer, is your best resource to preserve the evidence, establish your case and achieve the best result. He offers a free initial consultation by calling (908) 248-4404.

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