How Insurance Adjusters Handle Personal Injury Claims

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  • Tue Mar 2023
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Regardless of how badly you are injured or the amount of evidence to prove you were negligent free in causing the accident, the other party’s insurance carrier will generally take all steps necessary to try to settle your claim for as little as possible. To make sure you get the full compensation that you deserve, you need to hire a New Jersey personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance company and its representatives.

Factors Affecting Your Claim

Different factors, such as the size of the insurance company and their specific corporate guidelines, can impact how an insurance company handles personal injury claims.

Larger Insurance Companies 

The larger the insurance company, the more likely they are to litigate their cases. Larger carriers either have in-house attorney or law firms on retainer that can quickly take over the litigation portion of a case. Additionally, the larger insurance companies train their claims managers to run a tight ship. They generally have several claims supervisors who directly report to the managers and are not allowed to settle any claims without their authorization.

Smaller Insurance Companies

In contrast, it is typically easier to negotiate a settlement with smaller insurance carriers. Even though they do not simply give money away, they are more willing to negotiate their claims with an intention of to avoid spending money on litigation. The smaller carriers have fewer claims managers who need to directly report to the vice president of the company. Additionally, the adjusters have more flexibility in negotiating with plaintiff’s attorneys and settling their claims.

One Goal: Settle Claims For as Little as Possible

However regardless of how big the insurance company is, they all have one goal when it comes to handling personal injury claims. All they care about is their pocket and bottom line profit. As such, they will pay out as little as possible on personal injury claims. The adjusters may not be concerned about the extent of your personal injuries or property damage. You are just another file on their desk.

This makes it imperative that you immediately level the playing field by hiring an aggressive New York accident lawyer to fight for your rights and help you get the full monetary damages you deserve.

Call a New Jersey Car Accident Attorney

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