How To Do Drive Safer to Avoid a Winter Car Accident

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Winter Car Accident Attorney

As winter season begins comes to around, the cold weather is not the only difference you will feel. Driving on wet, icy roads in inclement weather is very different than the hot, dry roads of summer. More than 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,800 people are injured in car crashes on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement annually according to the Department of Transportation.

New Jersey is known for having serious winter weather, and it is not uncommon for car crashes to happen because of ice and snow on the roads. If you are injured in a winter weather accident, you should contact an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney to help protect your legal rights.

To help ensure your safety and reduce the likelihood of getting into a car accident this winter, follow these tips:

1 Prepare Your Car

Before driving in winter weather, you should make sure your car is ready for the harsh conditions. One of the most important things is to ensure you have winter tires that are designed to grip ice and snow on the roadway for better handling. Winter tires can also help you brake quicker. 

Additionally, you should have your car inspected to make sure to:

  • Add antifreeze to your car
  • Install new wiper blades
  • Inspect your battery
  • Replace washer fluid with an antifreeze variety

2 Check Road and Weather Conditions

Before you get behind the wheel, you should always check weather conditions, so you know what to expect while driving. You should also plan your route and give yourself plenty of time and alternative routes to avoid dangerous conditions. 

If the weather drops below freezing, you should assume that you may encounter icy roads and should plan accordingly. 

3 Clear Your Car

New Jersey law requires motorists to remove all ice and snow from their vehicles before driving, especially from the hood, windows, and roof. Drivers who fail to do so face fines of $25 to $75 for each offense, regardless of whether the ice and snow is dislodged from the vehicle.

4 Slow Down

Posted speed limits are designed for optimal weather conditions. If there is inclement weather, especially snow and ice, you should slow down significantly. If your car starts to skid, it means you are driving too fast.

5 Allow for More Following Distance

You should increase your following distance with the car ahead of you because wet and icy roads will require more space than usual to come to a complete stop. You can do this by fixing your eyes on a stationary object on the side of the road. Once the car in front of you passes the object, start counting. There should be at least six seconds between when the car in front of you passes the object and when you pass the object.

 Call a New Jersey Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know has suffered any type of injury in a car accident caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another driver, an experienced New Jersey car accident injury attorney can help. Call Beninato & Matrafajlo Attorneys at Law, LLC at 908-248-4404 to schedule a free, complimentary consultation with our legal team today.

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