Hurt in a Car or a Truck Accident? Who Can You Sue?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Aug 2019
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truck-accidentFor starters, there’s the obvious. For you to bring a personal injury lawsuit, there’s the assumption that you’ve been hurt. In New Jersey, there may be other restrictions if the claim involves a car or a truck accident.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that you can’t sue if you were solely to blame for the accident that caused your injuries. However, New Jersey law won’t stop you from recovering money damages as long as you were not more than 50% responsible for the incident that caused you harm.

The formal term for this is legal theory is comparative negligence. Truth be told, someone else could sue you for their injuries arising out of the same accident. In the end, what will matter is what percent of liability applies to your actions. It’s something that could appear easy – or require a determination by an arbitrator or judge and jury.

When most people think of filing a lawsuit for a car or a truck accident, they often focus on one culpable party. However, just suing the driver doesn’t always address the situation. There are other potential defendants. And, it’s possible that the liability is divided among them.

Defendants in a Car or Truck Accident

No doubt your first encounter with a negligent driver may be the time of the actual crash. Of course, you could also be a passenger in a friend’s car and sustain injuries as a result of their actions or lack of them.

After consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, an investigation into your case begins. Often, the driver isn’t the only one who may be deemed responsible for the damages you rightfully deserve. In some cases, fault can be apportioned among multiple parties.

Wonder how that could be? Here are some examples of when someone other than the driver could be found liable for the crash that resulted in your injuries:

• Owner of the vehicle – Did improper maintenance or repair cause the accident?
• Driver’s employer – Were you involved in a crash with a delivery truck or some other work vehicle?
• Rental car – Is it possible to hold a rental car company like Avis or Enterprise responsible for an accident?
• Multi-vehicle crash – Was more than one driver liable for the incident?
• Uber or Lyft – Will the ridesharing service actually cover your claim?
• Manufacturer or Repair Lawsuit – Did your accident happen because of a manufacturing defect or a repair issue?
• Property owner – Did someone create a negligent condition that resulted in the accident? This could include improper maintenance or repair of a parking lot.

When you are hurt in a car or truck accident, it’s critical to retain legal counsel to thoroughly evaluate the situation. In some cases, this means dealing with multiple insurance companies to determine the fairest way of assessing liability.

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