Impact of an Out of State DWI in New Jersey

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If you are arrested and charged with drunk driving in New Jersey, you can expect that your home state licensing authority will find out. New Jersey participates in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), a program that was created to provide uniformity among member jurisdictions when exchanging information with other states that also participate in the program. All IDLC states share drunk driving convictions, which means that you may be in for double trouble – both in New Jersey and your home state.

How Does the Interstate Driver License Compact Work?

Drivers with out of state licenses who are arrested for a DWI/DUI in New Jersey will lose their driving privileges in the state. As part of the IDLC, New Jersey will not physically take your out of state driver’s license away but will notify your home state of the conviction.

Only five states – Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Michigan – are not part of the Interstate Driver License Compact. All 45 other states, including New Jersey, have agreed to notify the licensing states when a motorist is arrested or convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or controlled substances. In other words, New Jersey will notify the 49 other states of a drunk driving conviction, regardless of whether the home state participates in the IDLC.

It should be noted that even these five states that do not formally participate in the IDLC may still notify the home licensing state of a DWI/DUI conviction, even though they are not legally obligated to.

If your home licensing state does not take any action against your driver’s license, you can continue to drive legally in every state except New Jersey.

Impact of an Out of State Drunk Driving Charge For a New Jersey Driver

Getting arrested or convicted for drunk driving in another state can significantly impact your driving privileges in your home state of New Jersey, especially if the state where you were charged in participates in the Interstate Driver License Compact.

The simple rule is that if you hold a New Jersey driver’s license and are convicted of DWI/DUI in another state, it is essentially the same thing as being convicted in New Jersey.

It is in your best interest to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. But if you are arrested for drunk driving, you should immediately consult with an experienced drunk driving attorney to avoid a conviction and risk the loss of your driving privileges.

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