Important Qualities to Look For When Hiring a New Jersey DWI Lawyer

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  • Mon Apr 2021
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DWI AttorneyEveryone makes a mistake when it comes to responsibly consuming alcohol. However, there is no need for a bad decision to stay with you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, a drunk driving or driving while under influence (DWI) offense in New Jersey can significantly impact your life in the long-term.

Some of the penalties you may face if convicted on DWI charges include heavy fines, loss of driving privileges, interlock installation, community service, and possible jail time. A conviction can also significantly impact your social life and the ability to secure employment. In order to avoid these serious consequences, it is important to hire an aggressive New Jersey DWI attorney to fight the charges and avoid a conviction.

Characteristics of a Good Drunk Driving Lawyer

The most important characteristics of a successful DWI attorney are experience, diligence and care. You also need to have regular access to your attorney via different platforms, such as phone, email and text.

Below are four important qualities to look for when choosing a New Jersey DWI attorney:

  • Experience & Knowledge. All lawyers can technically navigate the laws for clients in any field of law. However, just like any other profession, lawyers have different specializations. A family lawyer can help If you’re filing for divorce; a criminal lawyer can help if you have been charged with murder; and an accident lawyer can help if you’ve been injured in an accident. Similarly, if you have been charged with drunk driving, you need to hire New Jersey DWI attorney who specifically handles these types of cases.
  • Proven Track Record. It is also important to look at an attorney’s track record before hiring a drunk driving lawyer. The successful track record should span over the various types a case can be handled, such as getting a case dismissed through negotiations, trial or a plea.
  • Reputation in the Community. An attorney’s reputation can be a good indication as to how he will handle your case as well. When doing your research, it is important not only to look into the attorney’s reputation amongst his clients, but also other lawyers in the community and the judges he has appeared before on other cases.
  • Responsiveness. Having a lawyer with good communication skills is an important tool in successfully handling your drunk driving case. You should choose a New Jersey drunk driving attorney who can communicate legal advice in a way that you’re able to clearly understand the laws involved in your situation, the plea options available to you, and the potential issues that might come along the way.

Call a DWI Attorney in New Jersey

If you or someone you know has been issued a DWI citation or arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, an experienced attorney can help. Call Beninato & Matrafajlo Attorneys at Law, LLC at 908-355-7100 to schedule a free, complimentary consultation with our legal team today.

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