Injuries Can Occur on More than Thrill Rides

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One thing is certain with the advent of sunshine and warm weather. People of all ages will flock to New Jersey amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals. Thrillseekers dash to find their place on rides that promise a few moments of sheer terror. Parents search out more docile rides, such as the carousel and small ferris wheel. Amusement park rides offer excitement and fun. However, injuries can occur on more than thrill rides. In fact, some can turn deadly.

Frequency of Amusement Park Injuries

Thrill Rides injuriesTheme parks such as Six Flags Great Adventure and boardwalk rides at the Jersey Shore attract the most traffic. Those who desire a local thrill can hop over to Bowcraft in Scotch Plains, which describes itself as New Jersey’s family amusement park.

According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), amusement parks focus on the serious business of the fun. Their statistics indicate that ride injuries are nominal in contrast to other recreational activities. A two-year old survey taken by the IAAPA indicates that the chance of ride-related injuries requiring overnight hospitalization is 1 in 24 million. The risk of fatal injuries is estimated at 1 in 750 million.

Fairs and Carnival Rides

Before summer even starts, the State Fair sets up location in the Meadowlands. Soon thereafter, tradition dictates an influx of annual church and community fairs. In nearby Winfield Park, the fire department hosts a few days of festivities. Together with food, drinks, and games of chance, amusement rides transform barren grass to a carnival atmosphere.

How safe are the rides at these events and how are they monitored? The State of New Jersey’s Department of Community Affair has a program in place that oversees requirements for manufacturers, owners, and operators of carnival and amusement rides and devices. Nevertheless, even the simplest of rides bears an inherent risk of danger that can result in injury or death. Investigation is an important step in determining how ride accidents occur.

How Ride Accidents Occur

Injuries on amusement rides happen for assorted reasons. In some cases, they transpire because of a failure to adhere to posted warning or operating instructions. Sometimes, there may be problems with the setup of equipment. Like any other machine, roller coasters and ferris wheels can have manufacturing defects. Bottom line: injuries on any type of ride are NOT fun.

What to Do

If you are hurt on an amusement ride, we suggest you ensure the following:

  • Seek appropriate medical attention
  • Report the accident as expeditiously as possible
  • Document the incident with photographs or video
  • Obtain witness names
  • Record all information relating to the owner/operator of the equipment
  • Take photographs documenting the manufacturer of the ride

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