New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Signs Senate Bill 3011 Into Law

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  • Fri Jan 2024
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TRENTON, NEW JERSEY (January 4, 2024) – On December 23, 2023, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law Senate Bill 3011 which has a number of implications for those charged with DWI related offenses.

1 Voluntary Installation of IID:

When a person is arrested for certain DWI offenses, they are able to choose to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in a vehicle that they own or primarily operate. They are also able to request to get a driver’s license which states that they should not operate a vehicle unless it is equipped with an IID.

2. No Fine for First DWI Offense with BAC 0.08%-0.10% or Higher:

If a person is arrested for their first DWI offense with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between 0.08% and less than 0.10%, or if they were otherwise under the influence, they are able to avoid a fine by obtaining a notated driver’s license and installing a IID.

3. Credit for Installation on Higher BAC or Repeat Offenses:

Anyone who is arrested for a DWI offense with a BAC of 0.15% or higher or who has been arrested for a second, third or subsequent offense may receive a 1 day credit against any period they are legally obligated to refrain from driving for every two days an IID is installed. They will also be exempt from a fine.

4. Exception for Serious Bodily Injury:

The aforementioned credit against driving forfeiture will not apply in cases where the DWI violation led to the serious bodily injury of another person.

5. Plea Agreements Authorized:

The bill allows prosecutors to seek plea agreements for DWI or refusal to submit to a breathalyzer.

6. Commercial Motor Vehicle Offenses:

If a person is convicted of a first DWI violation of operating a commercial vehicle with a BAC between 0.04% but less than 0.08%, the court must not suspend their license. Rather, the court must order the installation of an IID device in a non-commercial vehicle owned or primarily operated by the offender.

7. Exclusions:

The contents of Senate Bill 3011 will not apply to individuals arrested or convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of certain drugs. Instead, certain provisions from a previous law (P.L.2019, c.248) will still apply to them.

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