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It is difficult to simply categorize who will become a victim of elder abuse or could be a perpetrator of the abuse. However, some studies have addressed specific types of elder abuse and/or neglect to identify the characteristics associated with each. Elder abuse may not be totally avoidable, but it can be prevented if you are aware of what an abusive relationship looks like.

3 Distinct Patterns of Elder Abuse Victim & Perpetrator Characteristics

Studies show that there are typically three distinct patterns of victim and perpetrator characteristics in elder abuse and neglect:

1. Physical & Psychological Elder Abuse

    Victims of both psychological and physical elder abuse tend to be both women and men who were young-old (65 to 74 years old), married, more independent in activities of daily living. However, they also tend to be in poor emotional health with low self-esteem, in troubled marriages, living with other individuals and socially isolated.

    Perpetrators of physical and psychological abuse tend to be spouses who have histories of mental illness or other such issues, abuse alcohol, suffer from a recent decline in mental and/or physical health, and were dependent on and lived with the victim.

    2. Material Abuse or Exploitation

      Victims of elder abuse involving financial and/or material exploitation are often not married (widowed, divorced or never married), older individuals who live alone and have problems with managing their money and other assets. These victims often lack adequate social support.

      Perpetrators of material abuse or exploitation are generally younger, distant relatives or nonrelatives who have physical or emotional problems. They typically do not live with their victims, but are financially dependent on them.

      3. Elder Neglect

        Whereas perpetrators of elder abuse seem to have a more relevant characteristic, it is the victims of elder neglect who have a more relevant set of characteristics. Elder neglect victims are often much older (80 years and older), widowed, and disabled. They are typically women who are dependent on caregivers as a result of their poor health and physical and/or mental impairment. Victims of elder neglect generally live with the individuals who neglect them.

        Perpetrators of elder neglect are typically family members and unrelated caregivers who have experienced losses in their own support system and view the elderly as the source of stress.

        If you or someone you know is a victim of any type of elder abuse or neglect, it is important to immediately report the abuse to authority. You should also seek the help of an experienced New Jersey elder abuse attorney to also hold the perpetrator civilly liable for their actions.

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