Schedule of Payment of the Second Injury Fund

The Second Injury Fund provides monetary compensation to certain individuals who have become statutorily totally disabled as a result of a combination of a previous non-compensable injury and a current compensable injury from a work-related accident.

If you qualify for compensation under the Second Injury Fund, your workers’ comp attorney in New Jersey will provide you details with regard to the schedule of payment under this Fund.

Overview of Schedule of Payment

The Second Injury Fund benefits are payable at the total and permanent disability rate for the year of your last compensable work-related injury. In other words, if you are deemed totally disabled, you will be entitled to the compensation rates applicable for temporary disability, which equals to 70% of your weekly wage received at the time of your injury subject to a maximum of 75% of Statewide Average Weekly Wages (SAWW) and a minimum of 20% of SAWW.

What The Second Injury Fund Covers

The Second Injury Fund only pays for total disability benefits. It does not cover the following:

  • Medical benefits
  • Your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer’s fees
  • Costs or dependency benefits if you die of a compensable injury while receiving benefits from the fund

Responsibility of Second Injury Fund and Your Employer

Your employer will be responsible for disability payments to cover your subsequent injury and the Fund will be responsible to pay you for the difference necessary to satisfy total and permanent disability. However, your lawyer will warn you that you will need to reimburse the Second Injury Fund for any reimbursement or credits you may receive from a third party.

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