What is a Section 20 in Workers’ Compensation?

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What happens if your work-related accident is contested? Have you heard the term “Section 20” and wondered how it applied to workers’ compensation? Although most workers’ compensation cases are very straightforward, there are exceptions. Ever wonder how disputed cases are handled in court?

Contested Workers’ Compensation Cases

When you are injured at work, it is imperative to immediately notify your employer about the accident. The company’s representative should then contact the insurance company to arrange medical treatment and partial reimbursement of your wages while you are out of work. However, a company may dispute your claim. Workers compensation accidents are contested for all types of reasons. The most obvious is that the company may dispute your employment
with them. Often, employers will also question whether an accident occurred during work hours.

What to do if Your Work-Related Claim is Disputed

If you have suffered an injury at work, it is important to seek competent legal advice. A law firm with a regular practice in workers compensation court is your best option. The attorneys can embark upon a legal action plan to secure your benefits. In the meantime, the lawyers can also file paperwork that will allow you to receive temporary disability benefits from the State of New Jersey.

Section 20 Workers Compensation Benefits

Your attorney will file a Claim Petition on your behalf, advising your employer and insurance company of the basis of your claim. The workers compensation carrier will arrange for a law firm to file an Answer to the Claim Petition. The two lawyers will discuss the reasons for the contested case. The goal is to reach an amicable settlement on your behalf.

The term Section 20 comes from NJSA 34:15-20, the portion of the New Jersey State statutes that discusses disputed workers compensation cases. The end result is that the parties agree to a lump sum settlement. Although other types of workers compensation claims may be reopened, a Section 20 settlement permanently dismisses the case.

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