Types of Elder Abuse Cases

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Sat Jan 2021
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elder abuse attorneyThe thought of someone hurting our elderly family members is terrifying. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a serious problem and occurs more frequently than we think. And as our population ages, the incidents of elder abuse will only increase. With this in mind, it becomes even more important to become vigilant of the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and once you suspect abuse to report it as soon as possible.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is defined as any intentional act, or failure to act, by a caregiver or other trusted person that harms an elderly adult. Elder abuse encompasses many types of harm, such as:

  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Psychological

If you suspect that your elderly loved one has been the suspect of abuse, you need to take immediate action to protect them. You should also seek the assistance of a New Jersey elder abuse lawyer to assist you in going through the legal claims process and recovering damages.

Common Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse cases generally fall into one or more of the categories below, all of which should result in contact with a New Jersey elder abuse attorney to protect the rights of your elderly loved one.

  • Financial Elder Abuse. Financial elder abuse happens when an elder’s financial resources are improperly handled by another party for their own monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain. Examples include improper use of power of attorney.
  • Physical Elder Abuse. This type of abuse happens when an elderly is injured, threatened or inappropriately restrained. Examples include acts of violence, restraining to a bed or chair, or force-feeding.
  • Nursing Home Abuse. Nursing home abuse occurs when staff members, residents or visitors of a nursing home abuse or neglect an elderly resident. This type of abuse can entail a mix of any other type of elder abuse and neglect discussed in this article.
  • Sexual Elder Abuse. Elder neglect happens when a caregiver or responsible individual fails to provide a vulnerable elderly with life necessities, such as food, water, shelter or medication.

Regardless of what type of elder abuse you suspect your loved one is a victim of, you need to take immediate action to protect their legal rights. You should not only report the abuse to authority, but also consult with an experienced New Jersey elder abuse victim.

Call a New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney Today!

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