What Happens If You’re Hurt on a College Campus?

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college campus injuryBird are chirping. Daylight is longer. As spring approaches, another semester and school year nearly come to an end. However, for you, it may be a difficult time. You may not know what to do if you’re hurt on a college campus.

Union County serves as home to a couple of local colleges and universities. In downtown Elizabeth, there’s a branch of Union County College. Reportedly, parts of Kean University are also in Elizabeth. Both represent public entities.

Why is that important, you might wonder? If you’re injured while on government property, you have particular notice requirements. In fact, the New Jersey Tort Claims Act provides the law when you make a claim against a public entity.

Not sure what constitutes a public entity? Think of any building or property owned or operated by a local, county or state governmental agency. Additionally, add the employees of any government departments and agencies. You now have a basic understanding of what constitutes a public entity.

Take for example you fall while you’re walking to class at a county school or state school. As you look down, it’s quite apparent that there’s something very wrong with the walkway. Later, you can’t help but mumble at the prospect of walking around with a cast and sling all through the summer months.

No doubt you’ll want to consider a personal injury claim against the university for failing to keep the premises safe. However, you need to ensure you visit an attorney quickly. Since the school may be a public entity, you must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days.

Meanwhile, there are rare exceptions when notice requirements may extend beyond the 90 days. And, ignorance of the law just doesn’t make any difference.

Injuries on a College Campus

Truth be told, slip and fall accidents aren’t the only case of injuries on college campuses. Could you possibly make a claim if you were physically attacked? Currently, there are a number of lawsuits alleging that women were drugged in raped at Stockton University.

In the meantime, a recent news report indicates that a New Jersey state college was granted immunity from a lawsuit accusing the school of failing to prevent a sexual assault. However, you are still better off reviewing your individual circumstances with an experienced personal injury attorney.

In some cases, alcohol is served on college campuses. The school may be sued for dram shop liability just like any other private enterprise.

Claims for injuries on a college campus may also arise from negligent security. If the area was unlit or unmonitored, it poses a risk for personal injury.

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