Why is Trigeminal Neuralgia Called Suicide Disease?

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Have you heard of trigeminal neuralgia?  It represents such intense pain that it is nicknamed the suicide disease.  Unfortunately, it can come on as a result of a traumatic event.  This could include an automobile accident or any other type of incident involving cranio-facial insult.  See the latest on trauma and suicide disease.

Trigeminal Neuropathy We realize categorizing something as the suicide disease might suggest rather alarming presumptions.  Rest assured that findings of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) does not necessarily mean that you will ultimately take your own life.  However, the diagnosis is indicative of such severe pain that some have succumbed or wrestled with the reality of suicide.

TN is broken up into seven subcategories, which includes post-traumatic trigeminal neuralgia or trigeminal neuropathy.  A blow to face or skull is often recalled as the event leading up to the onset of TN.  It may not happen immediately or be instantly correlated to an accident.  Without warning, the victim will start to experience extraordinary stabbing pain on one side of the face.  Some say the discomfort feels as though they are being zapped with electrical bolts.  The intensity is so severe that it is termed as excruciating and incomprehensible.  Attacks can last a few minutes or represent chronic pain.  To top it off, trigeminal neuralgia does not often respond to regular painkillers.  The worst sufferers resort to brain surgery to relieve their symptoms.

What exactly is trigeminal neuralgia?  As the name implies, TN is some type of insult to the trigeminal nerves.  These nerves are located on both sides of the face/head.  Like a road map, the trigeminal nerve can take three paths.  These include the ophthalmic nerve, the maxillary nerve, and the mandibular nerve.

Are You Suffering from Trigeminal Neuropathy as a Result of an Accident?

Unless trauma triggered an existing trigeminal neuralgia issue, it may take some time before you reach a TN diagnosis.  Some physicians may insist that you clenched your jaw at the time of impact.  They may suggest that you see an oral surgeon for dental work, or even for a possible diagnosis of TMJ or temporomandibular joint problems.   Ear discomfort can be a component of some pain for trigeminal neuralgia victims.  They may be referred to ears, nose and throat (ENTs) specialists.  In reality, trigeminal neuralgia is a rare disorder that is recognized and treated by a neurologist.

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