Are Electrocution and Electrical Shock the Same Thing?

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  • Tue Jul 2018
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As far as you’re concerned, the differences may not be all that shocking.  And, yes the pun was most definitely intended. Although you might think of electrocution and electrical shock as the same thing – it’s not necessarily so.

For most, electrocution sounds entirely more fatalistic.  After all, it’s the term associated with old-time capital punishment and the electric chair. However, a regular dictionary adds an additional charge. Electrocution doesn’t necessarily suggest death; it also involves serious injuries. In either case, the electrocution comes as a result of an electric shock.

Meanwhile, there are all degrees of electric shock. Wear a wool sweater in the cooler months, and you’re sure to experience static electricity. Without going into the whole science, static electricity occurs when surfaces are near each other and exchange negative and positive electrons.

For most who have encountered static electricity, the minor discomfort isn’t such a big deal. However, static electricity can cause huge problems that you might even think of in your worst dreams. For example, fuel delivery drivers know to take special precautions when it comes to static electricity – or face the risk of injuries from a fire.

Electrical Shocks Can Cause Electrocution

There are many times that electrical shocks can occur during a work accident. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) actually publishes guidelines regarding electrical hazards and safety.  They also provide some valuable insight into what causes electric shocks.

As you most likely know, electricity is conducted by closed circuits. Water can become a problem when it comes to interfering with conduction. Unfortunately, the human body is comprised of a great deal of water – and thus can become a conductor on its own.

The result can be alarming. Although electricity is an amazing concept – it’s not always so smart in choosing the right conductor. Once attracted to the body of an individual – it can use it to conduct energy.  As electricity flows through the body, the result is an electric shock. It can be so bad that the person immediately goes into cardiac arrest. Severe burns may also occur from electric shock. Electrocution is a devastating experience – and hard to personally witness.

Accidents that Result in Electrocution

Many types of accidents can result in electrocution.  Last week, a New Jersey trucker was electrocuted when power lines came down as a result of a single-vehicle crash.  News reports state that the trucker died from the impact itself – and not the electrocution.  Meanwhile, here are some other examples of electrocution accidents:

  • Power worker electrocuted while working on a transformer
  • Faulty equipment causes electrocution
  • An electrical shock from bad wiring in rental property

Obviously, these are just a few examples of accidents that can occur involving electrical shock. In order to determine if you are entitled to money damages, your attorney will obtain your medical records and also look into the circumstances of the accident.

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