Cell Phone Accidents

Distracted DrivingHave you ever wondered how individuals who are driving a vehicle on the streets of Elizabeth, New Jersey are able to talk on a cell phone or text while they continue to concentrate on the road?  Well, the sad reality of the situation is that they can’t effectively do both.  Driving a vehicle while talking or texting is considered to be distracted driving, and it is a huge factor in a lot of New Jersey automobile accidents.  If you were involved in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver using a cell phone, you should speak to an Elizabeth cell phone accident lawyer right away.

The Law

New Jersey lawmakers are well aware that talking on a cell phone and/or texting while driving creates a serious danger on the roads.  Accordingly, those lawmakers have created specific laws under Title 39 of the state traffic laws with respect to this unsafe practice.  Simply stated, it is illegal for:

  • drivers to use any handheld device while operating a motor vehicle;
  • the drivers of school buses (and individuals under 21 who are in a graduated driver’s licensing program) to use cell devices of any sort while driving; and
  • all drivers to drive and text simultaneously.

What Can Be Done to Stop Distracted Drivers?

No matter what the law says, a great number of motorists still drive while using their cell phones, and simply refuse to comply with the rules of the road that were created to keep them and everyone else on the road safe.  But there really is no way to control the bad habits or practices of all drivers on the road. But if you’re a victim of an accident due to the distraction of a cell phone, an Elizabeth cell phone accident lawyer can help.

However, if a distracted driver was the cause of your accident, you certainly should not have to suffer for his or her poor judgment and reckless actions.  In such situations, reaching out to an experienced Elizabeth cell phone accident lawyer will be your best course of action.  It is important to have an attorney who will be aggressive and make certain that you receive just compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  Please contact Dan Matrafajlo at 908-374-6730 to receive a free consultation regarding your case.