E-scooters: Already a Danger in Elizabeth

e scooter accidentE-scooters are making their way throughout urban areas of the country. In New Jersey, they first appeared for rent in Hoboken. The City of Elizabeth became second on the list to approve the rental of e-scooters. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for a fatal accident.

According to news reports, the fatal scooter accident occurred on November 20th, less than a month after the program became a means of transport in Elizabeth. The victim, a minor, was just sixteen years old. Reportedly, he was operating a Lime scooter and allegedly rode into a large tow truck.

While e-scooters continue to gain popularity throughout the United States, some cities are having second thoughts. Despite some tragic accidents in Nashville, attempts to ban scooters failed. In Washington, DC, local legislators hoped to at least put a stop to overnight electric scooter use. Apparently, that plan didn’t go through either.

No doubt that scooters are different than regular motor vehicles or motorcycles. And, they certainly represent more access to speed than bicycles. That said, what types of accidents occur throughout the country that mirrors motor vehicle and bicycle use:

Those involved in e-scooter accidents don’t just have to worry about dying in a crash. Catastrophic injuries arise from mere falls and collisions alike. These include traumatic brain injuries, herniated discs in the spinal column, broken bones, and more.

E-scooters: Read this Before You Ride

Hopping on an e-scooter may seem simple enough. However, you should learn some basic principles before you consider it as a means of exploring downtown Elizabeth. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Learn how to use an e-scooter before you decide to use one
  • Wear a helmet and consider knee and shoulder pads
  • Check the tires
  • Ride in well-lit areas
  • Don’t text or talk on your phone when operating an e-scooter
  • Check the surface area where you plan to travel
  • Avoid drinking and driving an e-scooter
  • Don’t expect other vehicle operators to look out for your safety
  • Ride alone. Adding a passenger increases your chance for harm

While these are just some basic guidelines, they should help to avoid your chances of serious injury. However, if you are hurt, you should speak with an experienced personal injury to determine if you have a cause of action.

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While e-scooters are new to Elizabeth, the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafajlo has represented injury victims for many decades. Contact us if you’re involved in an accident. We will help secure any damages due to you.

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