Duration of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits

One of the most common questions and biggest concerns that individuals who are receiving worker’s compensation benefits have is how long the benefits will last. This is especially important for those individuals who need future medical care for their injuries.

Your New Jersey workmans’ comp attorney will help you determine the duration of your workers’ compensation benefits based on the specific facts of your situation.

Duration of Benefits

Under New Jersey workers’ compensation laws, if you are injured at work, your employer must provide medical and hospital services and treatments for your injuries.

If you continue to need these services, you may be entitled to these benefits even after a final judgment has been entered. Your employer is obligated by state law to provide medical treatment if its necessity occurs within two years of your last payment of workers’ compensation benefits.

In order to compel payment for future medical expenses, it is important that your New Jersey workmans’ comp attorney makes sure your need for future medical treatment is provided in your final judgment.

Only Medical Testimony Is Necessary to Get Future Treatment

New Jersey workers’ compensation laws require the employer to provide treatment as long as competent medical testimony establishes that treatment is necessary to either cure you or relieve your symptoms. There is no need for you to prove that the treatment would both cure and relieve your injuries. In other words, even if you are unable to prove that future treatment would improve your symptoms, you are still entitled to these benefits as long as they would relieve your pain and improve your ability to function.

However, it should be noted that a mere showing that you would simply benefit from future treatment is not enough. You or your New Jersey workmans’ comp attorney must prove that the treatment would improve your symptoms and ability to function.

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