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Getting into any type of motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside down. Almost everyone has either experienced or seen the impact of a traffic collision and understands how devastating these events could be. It can be very difficult to move on and recover from a car accident once you have been involved in it. If the accident was caused by the negligence or reckless actions of another party, you may be entitled to compensation.

At the law firm of Beninato & Matrafajlo, our firm has built their careers on holding individuals and entities accountable for acts of negligence. Over the decades, our East Brunswick NJ car accident attorneys have helped countless injury victims recover full and fair compensation for their personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. We take pride in the fact that we are driven to get the maximum results our injured clients deserve.

Damages Available to Car Accident Victims

Although no amount of money can undo the harm caused and get you back to the state you were in before the accident, it can provide you with the financial stability you need while you can’t work to deal with your injuries and losses. Our East Brunswick NJ legal team will help you pursue both economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault insurance company or entity.

Economic damages encompass all of the financial losses you have incurred as a result of your accident, such as medical bills. In contrast, non-economic damages will take into account all of your personal damages that cannot be substantiated with bills, such as emotional distress.

Depending on the specific facts of your case, you can recover financial compensation for the following damages after a car accident:

  • Current medical bills (including ambulance and emergency room costs) 
  • Future medical bills
  • Property damage and loss
  • Emotional distress and mental trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Wrongful death damages if you lost a loved one
  • Out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident

Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

The damages you may be entitled to after a car accident will ultimately come down to the type of injury you suffered and the available liability policies. For example, a brain injury can cause a range of both physical and psychological injuries. On the other hand, a spinal cord injury, although it may not affect your brain, can result in emotional issues as you contend with your disability. 

The legal team at the law firm of Beninato & Matrafajlo will factor in every injury you have suffered to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

Some common types of injuries East Brunswick NJ car accident victims can suffer include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Lacerations, cuts and bruises
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Burns 

Evidence Needed in a Car Accident Case

The East Brunswick NJ personal injury attorneys at Beninato & Matrafajlo have handled many car accident claims in our decades of practicing law. To build a case that secures you the full compensation you deserve, we will have to prove that you were injured in an accident that the other party caused.

Below are the most common pieces of evidence our legal team will use to secure your settlement:

  • Traffic Collision Report
  • Testimony from eye witnesses to the accident
  • Insurance company reports
  • Medical bills and reports
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Photos of the scene of accident

Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions That Cause 

Any motor vehicle collision can result in serious injuries to the parties involved. The most serious and common types of accidents include:

  • Head-on collisions – the force of two moving cars crashing head-on can result in a terrific impact because both vehicles contribute to it.
  • Side-impact (T-Bone) collisions – due to the close proximity of the driver or passenger to the point of impact, these types of accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries.
  • Rollover accidents – vehicle roofs can be crushed or collapse on the occupants of the vehicle leading to head trauma and other serious injuries
  • Rear-end accidents – when these types of accidents at high speeds, they can involve catastrophic injuries

Call an East Brunswick NJ Car Accident Attorney

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Frequently Asked Questions

East Brunswick NJ car accident lawyers’ fees are typically one-third (1/3) of the sum of the recovered or 33.33%. However, the fee percentage can go as high as 45%, especially if the case is more complicated and in litigation.

Generally, you have two years to file a claim or a lawsuit after the date of a car accident. If you fail to resolve your claim or file a lawsuit in that time frame, you will be forever barred from pursuing a claim against the negligent party.

New Jersey State does not limit or “cap” the amount of compensation you can receive for pain and suffering you endure as a result of a car accident. In other words, you are entitled to receive an amount that is considered fair compensation.

You have only a finite amount of time to bring a claim or file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your car accident related injuries and damages. This is why it is important to speak with an experienced East Brunswick NJ car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.