Fatal Car Crashes: Some Interesting Facts

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Dec 2019
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Fatal car crashesNot surprisingly, experts regularly evaluate statistics in a quest for valuable information. When it comes to fatal car crashes, focus often turns to causation. Additionally, the accident location and victim classification prove relevant. Perhaps focusing on data will bring a reduction in the number of people who die as a result of automobile accidents.

The New Jersey State Police provides daily updates as far as fatal motor vehicle crashes in New Jersey. As 2019 comes to a close, 533 people have already died on New Jersey roadways. This number is slightly up from 2018. During that year, 524 individuals lost their lives as a result of a collision with a car or truck.

Remarkably, 2018 turned out to be a banner year as far as fatal crashes. In 2017, the number went to the highest in almost ten years. Nearly 600 people died as a result of injuries sustained when they were either riding in a motor vehicle or in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Year after year, the statistics provide further insight. In 2019, more than 50% of those who died in fatal accidents were drivers. Pedestrian deaths placed second on the list. Perhaps surprisingly, a smaller percentage of passengers lost their lives. Truth be told, there’s no way of knowing if some of the numbers are skewed because the driver traveled alone.

What about location? Three counties accounted for the most fatal car crashes. Camden, Gloucester, and Middlesex all had more than 40 motor vehicle accidents that resulted in a loss of life.

In Essex County, 35 people died in 34 accidents. Meanwhile, in Union County, 23 individuals lost their lives in 23 separate motor vehicle crashes. Remarkably, in Union County, half of the fatalities involved pedestrians.

The Cause of Fatal Car Crashes

No doubt, the numbers mean very little to you if you’ve lost a loved one as a result of a fatal car crash. It won’t help to bring the person back to you. However, you may wonder how authorities work on cutting down the risk of future accidents.

First, three things remain tops on the list when it comes to accidents that cause the most harm. Meanwhile, sometimes, the trio can work together in creating hazardous conditions. They include:

Distracted driving, including cellphone usage and texting
• Driving while under the influence (DWI) of drugs or alcohol
• Speeding far above the legal limits

The first step to minimizing accident rates includes education. How many times have you heard commercials about texting and driving? Believe it or not, experts estimate that even quickly reading or sending a text results in a distraction of five seconds. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes to plow into another vehicle or coast through a traffic signal.

As far as DWI, law enforcement authorities attempt to keep a handle on dangerous situations. The state even allocates additional resources to help crackdown on dangerous drivers.

While most don’t like speeding traps, they create a means of slowing things down. Without question, slower traveling vehicles represent a lesser risk when it comes to fatal accidents.

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