Fee Schedule for New Jersey Workers Comp Due to Eye Related Injuries

Every day an estimated 1,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace.  And because the eye is very sensitive, even a minor injury can cause impairment of the vision. If our ability to see is taken away, life becomes many times more difficult. If you suffered an eye injury in the workplace, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer can help you get the maximum benefits you are legally entitled to.

Eye Injuries at Work

There are many different factors that cause eye injuries at the work place, but the most common include:

  • Flying particles
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Objects swinging from a fixed or attached position, such as chains or tools that were pulled into the eye while the worker was using them
  • Lack of proper eye protection

Lacerations to the eyes are a common injury for individuals who work around certain tools or other sharp objects. Eye abrasion injuries are particularly common in jobs that require sawing, sanding, cutting, grinding, shredding, or the handling of broken down material.

But regardless of what factors caused your particular eye injury at work, you should immediately get medical attention and contact a New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer to assist you in filing for workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefit Schedule

The Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development publishes an annual fee schedule that establishes the minimum and maximum workers’ compensation benefits that workers are entitled to when injured at work.

To determine how much compensation you are entitled to for your work-related eye injury, your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will need to first determine the percentage of your eye injury, which he can obtain from your treating eye physician.

Once your lawyer determines the percentage of your injury, he will look at the fee schedule to establish what the corresponding benefits are. The benefits range from a minimum of $432.00 for 2 weeks at 1 percent disability to a maximum of $75,600.00 for 200 weeks at 100 percent disability.

In addition, if your eye injury is severe enough to require an enucleation surgery, you will get an additional 25 weeks of benefits.

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