Fee Schedule for New Jersey Workers Comp Due to Foot Related Injuries

Foot injuries are one of the most common types of work-related injuries. These injuries may require extensive and expensive medical treatment. The injured worker may be unable to work again at full capacity, if at all. If you suffered a work-related foot injury or amputation, it is in your best interest to hire a New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer to assist you in filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Types of Work-Related Foot Injuries

There are two major categories of work-related foot injuries. The first category, which accounts for 10 percent of reported work-related injuries, includes foot injuries from punctures, crushing, sprains and laceration. The second group of injuries, accounting for 15 percent of the injuries, includes injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls.

Examples of common work-related foot injuries include:

  • Crushed, broken, or amputated feet as result of being strapped between objects or caught in cracks, falling off of heavy objects, moving objects or conveyor belts
  • Punctures of the sole of the foot as a result of stepping on loose nails, sharp metal or glass objects
  • Cuts or severed feet or toes as a result of chain saws, rotary mowers, or unguarded machinery
  • Burns as a result of molten metal splashes, chemical splashes, or explosive items
  • Electric shocks from static electricity
  • Sprained or twisted ankles as a result of falling on slippery floors or littered walkways

Regardless of what caused your leg injury at work, an experienced New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer can get you the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Program

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Division within the Department of Labor and Workforce Development is responsible for regulating and overseeing the administration of benefits. An injured worker may qualify for workers’ compensation and receive weekly or biweekly benefits based on prior earnings. The benefits are limited to weekly minimum and maximum statewide fee schedule, depending on the injury suffered to the specific part of body.

The Disability Payment Schedule Explained

In determining the amount of workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to for your work-related foot injuries, your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will need to look at the schedule of disabilities. The Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development determines the weekly benefits based on the treating physician’s certification of the percentage of foot injury.

More specifically, if you suffered a work-related foot injury, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a maximum of 230 weeks. The benefits range from a minimum of $496.80 for 2.30 weeks at 1 percent disability to a maximum of $99,360.00 for 230 weeks at 100 percent disability.


In situations where the injury results in the amputation of the injured foot, your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will also seek an additional 30 percent of the workers’ compensation benefits awarded.

Permanent Partial Disability

If you suffered a serious foot injury with a permanent effect but you are still able to engage in partial employment, you are deemed to have a permanent partial disability. Your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will need to look at a different disability payment schedule to determine what workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to.

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