Fee Schedule for New Jersey Workers Comp Due to Toe Related Injuries

The potential for workplace injuries exists in any line of work, and the toes are no exception. The toes are the pillars of your ability to stand and perform tasks. And with any of your toes injured, it is likely that you will become unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. If you or a loved one has suffered a toe injury in the course of normal employment, you should consult with a New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer to get the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Types of Toe Injuries

Depending upon the particular dangers associated with ones work, the specific risks are likely to vary considerably. The following, however, represents a few of the potential types of work-related toe injuries:

  • Severe lacerations resulting in nerve damage or loss of control
  • Crush injuries
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Amputation (either direct or as treatment to prevent complications from other injuries)

Regardless of what caused your work-related toe injury, you need to get proper medical attention and then consult with a New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer to learn about your legal rights to workers’ compensation benefits.

Disability Payment Schedule For Toe Injuries at the Workplace

The regulation and oversight of the administration of workers’ comp benefits are handled by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The Commissioner publishes an annual fee schedule that sets the minimum and maximum statewide workers’ comp benefits.

In determining the exact benefits that you are entitled to under the disability fee schedule, your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will need to obtain your doctor’s certification of the percentage of your toe injury. Once your lawyer has this information, he will use the chart to determine what your weekly benefits are.

It should be noted that workers’ compensation benefits also vary depending on whether the great toe or any of the other toes were injured.

  • Great Toe: Benefits range from a minimum of $86.40 for a .40 week at 1 percent disability to a maximum of $8,640.00 for 40 weeks at 100 percent disability.
  • Other Toes: Benefits range from a minimum of $32.40 for a .15 week at 1 percent disability to a maximum of $3,240 for 15 weeks at 100 percent disability.

In serious situations where the injury to the great toe necessitates amputation, the worker may be entitled to an additional 30 percent of the workers’ compensation benefits.

There is also a separate fee schedule for injured workers who have suffered a permanent partial injury. This is a serious injury with permanent effects but where the worker can still engage in some work activities.

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