Giving Notice for Filing a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claim Based on Accidents

Workers compensation claims are detailed and technical, with strict deadlines and requirements that must be followed if you are to receive full financial compensation, get your medical bills paid, and be allowed sufficient time to recover. One of the most important requirements that you must meet is to provide your employer with proper notice of your work-related accident. Your New Jersey workman’s comp lawyer can help you provide proper notice to get the benefits you are entitled to.

Notice Requirement for Work-Related Accidents

Notice provisions involving accidents differ from notice provisions for occupational claims. In the case of work-related accidents, the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act requires you or your New Jersey workman’s comp lawyer to give notice to your employer within specific time periods:

  • If no notice is given within the first 14 days, then no compensation is due until notice is given or knowledge is obtained.
  • If notice is given after 14 days but before 30 days, compensation will be barred only to the extent that the employer can demonstrate prejudice.
  • If notice is given after 30 days but before 90 days, you must show that your failure to give prior notice was due to your mistake, inadvertence, ignorance of the fact or law, or inability, or to the fraud, misrepresentation or deceit of another person, or any other reasonable excuse.
  • Failure to give notice within 90 days will preclude filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Your New Jersey workman’s comp lawyer can help you give the necessary notice to your employer in order to successfully file a workers compensation claim and get the benefits that you deserve.

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