Accidents from Hazardous Road Conditions in New Jersey

Sadly, individuals get injured because of someone else negligence while on New Jersey roads on a daily basis.  Truth be told, more individuals get hurt from motor vehicle accidents in the state than any other kind of accident that can happen.  Accordingly, most people would conclude that such accidents are all due to the negligence of other drivers; but, hazardous roads can also play a major role in vehicular crashes.  And as practically any

Who is responsible for hazardous road conditions?

Whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and take to the streets, it is your responsibility to drive carefully at all times.  However, if dangerous road conditions exist, they are ultimately the responsibility of the construction workers and the governing officials who have employed the services of such workers.

Examples of hazardous road conditions

The negligence of those persons who are expected to keep the roads safe for drivers and passengers can lead to any number of unsafe road conditions, to include:

  • Uneven paved roads and potholes
  • Blocked traffic signage
  • Overgrown trees and/or other plant life

A New Jersey accident lawyer can also tell you that certain hazardous road conditions are more apparent than others, such as items or materials that get left behind by construction crews.  Such conditions are typically in plain sight and are more easily avoidable than other, more hidden, perils.

The Importance of Having Legal Representation

Poorly-maintained highways can yield hazardous driving conditions that can bring about personal injuries (or even death) if appropriate measures aren’t taken to fix them.  All it takes is for one individual to experience an unsafe road condition, and that individual might wind up hurting several other people during a multi-car collision.  That said, it is crucial that you obtain the services of a New Jersey accident lawyer who can explain your rights based on the particulars of your case.  Individuals who have been hurt as a result of hazardous road conditions that could have been fixed by the appropriate governing bodies in a city/town in New Jersey should call Dan Matrafajlo at 908-248-4404 to receive a free consultation today.