New Jersey Manufactures Insurance Company Charts: Calculations for Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Permanent Partial Disability

Calculating your benefits under a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim is a difficult process. In an effort to help both claimants and their New Jersey workers’ comp lawyers, the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company creates an annual chart which calculates the value of the scheduled losses provided under New Jersey’s Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW).

How to Use the Chart

There are two sides to the chart. The “front” side (Schedule of Disabilities and Maximum Benefits Exclusive of Amputation and Enucleation) calculates the scheduled statutory losses for the various parts of the body. The calculation is performed based on the percentage of disability in terms of week and total benefits. If the percent awarded is not represented on the “front” chart, your New Jersey workers’ comp lawyer will refer to the “back” of the chart.

Unlike the front, the back of the chart may require some simple calculations if the exact number of weeks for your injuries are not noted. Nevertheless, this simple calculation is still far less complicated than the complication either you or your attorney would need to do without the assistance of the chart.

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