Scaffolding Accidents at Construction Sites

Construction accidentThe majority of workers in the construction industry regularly work on scaffolds. Accordingly, protecting these employees from scaffold-related mishaps would avert thousands of scaffolding injuries and many deaths every year. Construction sites in general are unsafe places, particularly since there is always heavy equipment surrounding the workers. Further, you have people and supplies constantly coming on the site and leaving from the site. Also, employees are often required to work at a variety of heights on a regular basis.

On construction sites, danger lurks around practically every corner. However, those people who work on scaffolds are at a much higher risk of experiencing a debilitating injury due to the sheer height at which they work and can potentially fall from.

Do you need a New Jersey Scaffolding Accident Lawyer?

If you have suffered an injury while working on a scaffold, it may be wise to seek the services and advice of a skilled New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer who can discuss your options with you. There are numerous factors that can lead to serious scaffolding injuries, some of which include improperly constructed scaffolding; defective scaffolding parts or design; the failure of the support mechanisms to work properly; slick or wet scaffolding surfaces; a lack of adequate safety training; improperly installed scaffolding and failure to use supplied or required safety equipment.

Scaffold equipment is quite often used in constructing, painting and repairing buildings, window washing and a number of other tasks that require workers to work outside the building. Moreover, structural defects can cause the scaffolding to detach or tilt such that a worker can lose his or her balance and fall. And even if the worker does not fall, when the scaffolding tips over, the materials that are loaded on them, such as bricks and buckets, can fall off and cause serious or even fatal injuries to employees and innocent bystanders who may be standing below.

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Since scaffolds are so dangerous, they are subjected to rigorous municipal regulations, and specific safety procedures must be in place before any work requiring scaffolding starts.  If you need a New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer, please call Dan Matrafajlo at 908-248-4404 for a free consultation.

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