New Jersey Workers’ Compensation: Death Benefits Defined

Just as an employee is entitled to compensation arising out of a work-related injury or accident, the same principle also applies for compensation to death. In other words, if the accident or occupational disease arises out of and in the course of employment, and the accident or occupational disease accelerates or contributes to the cause of death, benefits are paid to dependents.

When the Petitioner Has Dependents

In the event that you die while your workers’ compensation case is still pending and you have dependents, the administrator of your estate may be substituted as a party petitioner. The Court will hear the case and subsequently enter an award to your dependent.

Your New Jersey workman’s comp attorney can help your dependents file the necessary paperwork and handle the case so that they get the compensation they are entitled to.

When There are No Dependents

In the event that you die and have no dependents, the administrator of your estate can still be substituted and an award entered for all benefits that accrued up until the date of your passing. In short, regardless of whether you have dependents, your estate, with the help of your New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney, has a vested interest in proving your disability in order to recover the accrued benefits up until your death.

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