New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits Payments For Dependents

Dependents of workers who died as a result of a work related accident or disease are generally entitled to New Jersey worker’s compensation benefits at the same rate as temporary disability for a period of 450 weeks. Death benefits is paid for various items. In addition, there are some exceptions, which your New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney can explain in more detail.

Remarriage and Death Benefits

The spouse of a deceased worker is considered a dependent and is entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. However, in the event that a widow remarries, worker’s compensation benefits will stop. The widow will receive the remainder of the compensation had he or she not remarried, or 100 times the weekly award immediately prior the remarriage, whichever sum is less.

Medical, Funeral and Burial Expenses

A dependent is entitled to medical and hospital expenses as long as these expenses relate to the condition of the compensable accident that resulted in death.

A dependent, or any other person who has paid the costs of a funeral burial is also entitled to reimbursement for a maximum of $3,500. If the burial costs are less than $3,500, the lesser amount is paid.

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