New Jersey Workers’ Compensation: Schedule of Payments For Permanent Total Disability

Once your NJ workers’ comp attorney has successfully filed for workers’ compensation on your behalf, the next question may be what your schedule and rates of payments will be.

Rates for Total Disability

If you are totally disabled due to a work related accident or injury, you are entitled to the same compensation rates as for those who are temporary disabled.  In other words, you will be entitled to 70 percent of the weekly wages you received prior to your injury subject to a maximum of 75 percent of the New Jersey Statewide Average Weekly Wages (SAWW) and a minimum of 20 percent of SAWW.

Your payments will continue for 450 weeks and will cease at the end of the period, unless your NJ workers’ comp attorney can prove you are not able to go back to work.

Benefits After the Maximum Rate Has Expired

If your total disability continues after the 450 weeks, your benefits may continue for the remainder of your life. Compensation may also continue if you cannot be trained into another type of work given your physical, emotional or mental restrictions.

However, if you are able to go back into the workforce and actually find a job at the end of the 450 weeks, you weekly workers’ compensation benefits will decrease based on the current wages you are earning. In other words, if you are an injured part-time employee, your NJ workers’ comp attorney can calculate your compensation based on your actual part-time weekly wages.

Contact an Experienced NJ Workers’ Comp Attorney

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