New Jersey Workers’ Compensation: Temporary Disability

Understanding the New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits is extremely important in getting the maximum benefits that you deserve. One of the most important concepts that you need to understand is the different type of disabilities available.

In this article our experienced New Jersey workman’s comp attorneys will discuss the temporary disability benefits.

Temporary Disability Defined

Temporary disability is classically defined as a medical condition that exists until you are cured as much as your injuries or medical condition permit. More specifically, if you are disabled for a period of more than seven days, including weekends and holidays, you may become eligible to receive temporary disability benefits from the first day that you were unable to go back to work due to your medical condition.

Temporary Disability Benefits

You will be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits at a rate of 70% of your average gross weekly wages, not to exceed the maximum rate of 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) or fall below the minimum rate of 20% of the SAWW. You will continue to receive these benefits until your doctor has determined that you are able to go back to work or that you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI).

It generally takes two weeks to receive your temporary disability benefits. However, if you have not received your benefits any time after the two-week mark, you should contact your New Jersey workman’s comp attorney, as you may be entitled to an additional 25% of the amounts due plus any reasonable attorney fees you may have incurred in the delay.

Contact an Experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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