New Jersey Workers’ Compensation: The Second Injury Fund Defined

If you are deemed totally disabled under New Jersey workers’ compensation statutes, you may be entitled to additional compensation under the Second Injury Fund. In order to determine whether the Second Injury Fund procedures are triggered, you should consult with an experienced New Jersey worker’s comp attorney.

When Is the Second Injury Fund Triggered?

If you are totally disabled as a result of a subsequent permanent injury under conditions warranting compensation when you have been previously permanently and partially disabled from another cause, you may be entitled to benefits under the Second Injury Fund.

To fully understand this rather complicated concept, consider the following example. You lost an arm in a non-compensable childhood accident. You are now working. You lose your other arm in a work-related accident. As a result, you are considered totally disabled since you have lost two major members of your body.

Under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, your employer’s insurance carrier would normally tender the full statutory payments for losing one arm and the Second Injury Fund would apply by compensating you beyond the carrier’s exposure.

One Important Factor Must be Satisfied

In order for the Second Injury Fund to apply, one important factor must be satisfied. You must be deemed totally and permanently disabled as a result of a combination of a previous partial permanent disability and a subsequent disability.

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