Proving Permanent Partial Disability: The Medical Examination and What Happens Afterwards

If you are seeking permanent partial disability for a work-related injury or occupational illness, your workman’s comp lawyer in New Jersey needs to schedule a medical examination. The results of this medical exam are very important to the success of your claim. Upon the conclusion of your examination, your lawyer will help you get the maximum settlement that you deserve.

When To Schedule the Examination

Medical examinations to determine permanent partial disability should be scheduled at least six months (26 weeks) after your authorized medical treatments have ended or six months from the date you returned to work, whichever is earlier.

New Jersey workers’ compensation statutes require this delay in order to make sure that your condition remains permanent and stationary before any final determinations of permanency are made.

Your employer may also send you to its own examining doctor or doctors. Doctors used by employers tend to give much lower estimates than your own doctor would. Ultimately, your case will be resolved at a figure in between these two estimates.

After the Medical Examination

Once your medical examinations are finished, you, your workman’s comp lawyer in New Jersey, and your employer or their liability carrier will meet in court for a pretrial. This pretrial generally includes a discussion and negotiation session between the parties in the judge’s chambers.

If an agreement is reached, you will take the stand to indicate that you understand and approve of the settlement. If your case is not settled, it will be set for trial.

Contact an Experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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