Struck-by Accidents

workers’ compensationIt is an unfortunate fact with construction work that the risk of physical injury is much higher than in most other occupations. Because so many are employed in construction and related trades, each year it ranks as #1 among the most dangerous occupations. The list of hazards is as extensive as the day is long, but ranking high among them are accidents in which workers are struck by an object. A New Jersey work injury lawyer can often help victims of struck-by accidents receive compensation, but just how do these accidents occur in the first place?

The Dangerous Nature of the Work Site

Construction sites are by nature places in transition. Equipment is in use as materials are brought in, put in place, and secured. Safety training and protective gear are helpful, but the unforeseen can always occur. Once such incident serves as an illustration. In early December of 2012 a construction worker lost his life in New York City when an air conditioning unit being hoisted by a crane came loose from its restraints and fell. The worker was pinned beneath for a full hour, but which time it was too late.

Common Struck By Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 75% of struck-by accidents are caused by heavy equipment. A New Jersey work injury lawyer is apt to work with clients who are hurt in struck-by accidents of various origin:

  • Construction vehicles hitting them
  • Objects falling from cranes or other lifting devices
  • Falling debris
  • Tools falling from a work area above
  • Debris flying off of machinery
  • Pieces from concrete and masonry walls under construction
  • Material shot by power tools, such as nail guns

Common Injuries

Among the many injuries that can occur are crushed limbs or other body parts; broken bones; fractured spines; head trauma; puncture wounds; loss of vision; and brain damage. When a worker is injured in a struck-by accident, a New Jersey work injury lawyer may be able to help him gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages during recuperation, scarring, pain, suffering, and more.

If You Have Been Injured

If you are hurt on the job, you would do well to seek the assistance of a New Jersey work injury lawyer. Dan Matrafajlo is an experienced lawyer who will fight to help you gain compensation. Call 908-248-4404 today to arrange a free consultation.

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