What Medical Benefits Are Covered Under New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you are injured during the course of employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey State statutes. But the question remains as to what constitutes an injury and what medical benefits actually comprise of.

Workers’ compensation is a complex process that demands the assistance of an experienced New Jersey workmans’ comp lawyer. So if you were injured at work, you should immediately consult with a lawyer to get the compensation that you deserve.

When Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

In order to be covered by workers’ compensation, you must have been injured during the course of your employment. But it needs to be noted that New Jersey courts have held that an examination merely to determine causation for litigation purposes is not the same as an examination diagnosis.

In other words, you will not qualify for benefits if you are simply going to the doctor to see if you can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Rather, you need to see a doctor because you are suffering certain symptoms as a result of an injury at work. However, as your New Jersey workmans’ comp lawyer will inform you, actual treatment is not necessary in order to get benefits.

Medical Benefits Defined

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation statutes provide the following benefits to individuals who are injured during the course of employment:

  • Medical services
  • Medical treatment
  • Physician’s services and treatment
  • Chiropractic services

If you need to be hospitalized, you will only be provided “semi-private” room care. However, New Jersey, unlike many other jurisdictions, does not require workers’ compensation insurance carrier to reimburse costs of convalescent care at home.

Additionally, workers’ compensation will cover any new injury that is directly or indirectly caused by a medical or surgical treatment of an original compensable injury.

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