Workers Compensation Benefits for Crush Injuries

workers compensation attorneyCrush injuries occur when a workers’ body party is wedged between two objects at the workplace. These injuries often result in debilitating internal and external injuries, such as bleeding, bruising, broken bones, muscle and ligament tears, nerve damage, amputations, or even death. If you have sustained a workplace crushing injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You need to hire a New Jersey workers comp crush injury lawyer to help you get the full compensation that you deserve.

A serious crush injury is nothing to trifle with. At the Law Offices of Dan T. Matrafajlo, we will protect your rights and legal interests so you can focus your energy on recovery to return to your job and continue supporting yourself and your family. You do not have to suffer in silence. We are here to help.

Aggressive Legal Help For Serious Work-Related Crush Injuries

If you have sustained a crushing injury while on the job, you have a long road of recovery ahead of you because crush injuries are extremely difficult to recover from. You may need extensive surgery and months or years of physical therapy. Even so, you may still be left with severe damage and a lifelong disability that may prevent you from doing the job you had before the accident.

Under New Jersey law, work-related crush injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation law. If you file a workers’ compensation claim, you may be entitled to benefits that cover your medical bills, pay for lost wages, or provide monetary compensation for your injuries.

Unfortunately, most employers do not have your best interest in mind, even when you sustain the most devastating crush injury. New Jersey workers comp crush injury lawyer Dan Matrafajlo and his legal team will protect your rights as an injured worker by aggressively pushing your employer’s insurance carrier to provide you with the full compensation that you deserve. We are dedicated to getting you the benefits you need to be able to continue with the lifestyle that you deserve.

Let Us Help

If you or a loved one suffered an on-the-job crushing injury, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Dan T. Matrafajlo can help you get the maximum workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. We have offices in Elizabeth, North Brunswick and Newark, New Jersey to better serve you. For a free, no-obligation consultation with New Jersey workers comp crush injury lawyer Dan Matrafajlo, please call (908) 248-4404.

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