State and Private Temporary Disability Benefits: The Alternative to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you were injured due to a non-occupational illness or injury, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits under the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law. New Jersey workers compensation lawyers should always advise their clients to apply for state or private temporary disability benefits if their claim for workers’ compensation is initially denied, especially if the fact of disability is clear and the denial is based on an issue of causation.

What is Temporary Disability Benefits?

Temporary disability benefits (TDB) is a state or private mandated short term disability plan that provides an injured or disabled individual 66 2/3% of their average weekly salary. The maximum benefits change each year, so you should check to see what the terms are for the particular year you are filing.

The State of New Jersey allows its employers to privatize their TDB coverage. As such, employers can opt to have coverage through the State plan or with a private insurance carrier.

Who Is Eligible for Benefits?

In order for an injured worker to qualify for TDB, they must have had at least 20 base weeks of New Jersey covered employment, OR have earned at least $7,3000 in covered employment during the 52 weeks immediately before the week during which they became injured or disabled.

Under this program, all New Jersey employees are entitled to TDB, regardless of whether they reside in the state and regardless of whether the employer is located in the state.

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