New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a pedestrian accident? Regardless of whether you were injured by a car, bus or truck, your injuries are likely to be quite severe. Any New Jersey pedestrian accident lawyer will tell you that you should first seek professional medical assistance and then consult and experienced personal injury attorney. Pedestrians are some of the most defenseless travelers in the U.S. because they lack the protection of a reinforced steel cage and the various other safety restraints in vehicles that shield them during an accident.

Whenever a person is hit by a vehicle, the laws of physics practically guarantee that the individual will be hurt badly due to the weight, power and speed of an oncoming vehicle. Accordingly, if you have been forced to deal with stacks and stacks of medical bills, or if you have experienced other losses due to your accident, you should consult a New Jersey pedestrian accident lawyer who may be able to assist you with a personal injury lawsuit if your accident was due to negligence.

The Duties of Drivers and Pedestrians

Drivers in the state of New Jersey have a legal responsibility to look out for pedestrians on the streets, particularly kids and the disabled; however, sadly, the statistics show that a lot of drivers fail to do so. Unfortunately, some drivers even intentionally ignore the traffic laws that were designed to protect pedestrians, like speeding in the vicinity of a school. In the alternative, the same way that drivers have a legal obligation to take care while on the road, the law states that pedestrians have a similar responsibility to avoid accidents. This means that pedestrians should:

  • Walk on sidewalks, where available, and
  • Cross the street only at intersections or designated crosswalks, and be careful to watch for oncoming vehicles prior to crossing the street.

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Unfortunately, many pedestrians who get hit by vehicles ultimately die or they sustain substantial injuries that can cause various long-term disabilities. Additionally, certain injuries might call for years of treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation therapy, which can be quite costly for any typical family.

In a New Jersey pedestrian accident lawsuit, it is necessary that the victims demonstrate that the carelessness of the driver caused the accident, and you will need to have a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer NJ to help you with fighting the driver’s insurance company. If you need the services of an attorney in the Elizabeth, Newark, North Brunswick, or nearby New Jersey cities, please call Dan Matrafajlo at 908-248-4404 to receive a free consultation regarding your case.