New Jersey Worker’s Compensation: Odd Lot Doctrine

The “Odd Lot Doctrine,” which has its roots originally embedded in the England workers’ compensation system, is another method for workers who have been injured during the course of employment to get workers’ compensation benefits. Qualifying for benefits under this doctrine are subject to certain restrictions. As such, it is best to consult with an experienced NJ workman’s compensation lawyer when filing for benefits.

What Is the Odd Lot Doctrine?

Under Section 36 of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statutes, if you are eligible for permanent total disability, you may request benefits under the Odd Lot Doctrine.

Amendments to the Act in 1980, restricted eligibility to individuals who are:

  • At least 75 percent partially totally disabled as a consequence of a work-related injury; AND
  • Are unemployable in a reasonably stable job market as a result of the combination of their compensable medical condition and any pre-existing personal handicaps due to lack of education and lack of non-manual work skills.

In short, in order for these aggravating factors to be considered when applying for benefits under the Odd Lot Doctrine, you must be at least 75 percent or more disabled as defined by the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute.

Contact an Experienced NJ Workman’s Comp Lawyer

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