5 Questions To Ask To Help Determine Whether You Need to Hire a Lawyer

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  • Tue Oct 2015
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Personal Injury AttorneyYou were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries. Some people advise you to handle the claim yourself. Others insist that you will not obtain the full compensation that you deserve without hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. What do you do? Which opinion do you follow?

Below are five questions you can ask yourself after getting injured in an accident to help you decide whether you need to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury claim:

1. Is liability clear or is the other driver and their insurance company saying that you are at fault?
In an accident where fault is contested, you may have a difficult time proving that you did not cause the accident. If you fail to do so, you will lose your case and recover nothing. In such situations, or any situation where there is a likelihood that the case will end up in litigation, it is best to immediately consult with a personal injury attorney.

2. How seriously where you injured?
The extent of your injuries should also play a major role in whether you should obtain an attorney. For instance, if you suffered serious injuries, such as a broken bone or a head injury that will seriously impact your life, it is a sign that you may have a potentially large claim and should hire an accident attorney to help you recover the full potential of your claim.

3. How much out of pocket expenses have you incurred?
If your out of pocket expenses, such as your medical bills and loss of wages, are minimal (usually only $2,000 to $3,000), you may feel comfortable handling your own claim. However, if these expenses are higher, it may be best to hire an attorney to make sure that you recover the expenses you have expended.

4. Do you have the time to handle your own legal claim?
Despite what many accident victims think, handling a personal injury claim is very time consuming. You will need to constantly deal with insurance adjusters, request the necessary medical records and billings, negotiate your bills with the medical providers, and engage in lengthy negotiation proceedings to settle your claim. This does not even include the complications involved with filing a lawsuit.

5. Do you have to file a lawsuit?
If liability is contested or you cannot come to terms with the insurance adjuster, you may have no option but to file a lawsuit. Filing suit entails many rules, regulations and deadlines that must be met. If you miss a deadline or file the wrong paper work, it may negatively impact the outcome of your claim. As such, it is best to avoid any future problems and immediately hire an experienced car accident attorney to handle your claim.

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