Be Ware of Indoor Conditions That Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

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  • Mon Nov 2013
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Slip Fall Attorney:Dan T. MatrafajloThere are many potentially hazardous conditions inside a property that may lead to a serious slip and fall accident. If you have been a victim of such a slip and fall accident and have suffered personal injuries, the owner or manager of the premises may be liable for your injuries. You should consult with a knowledgeable New Jersey slip and fall attorney to determine if you are entitled to monetary damages.

Examples of Hazardous Indoor Conditions

Some examples of hazardous indoor conditions that could lead to serious slip and fall accidents are discussed below.

Dangerous Staircases

There are risks in going up and down stairs, even if there is nothing wrong with the staircase. However, when there is a hazardous condition on the staircase, such as ripped carpeting or loose handrails, this risk can lead to a disaster. If the property owner is aware of the dangerous condition or should have had reason to know that it had existed for a long time, he or she will be responsible for any subsequent slip and fall accidents.


It is the responsibility of property owners to keep their floors in safe condition. If an individual slips and falls due to a hazardous condition on the floor, the owner may be liable for the resulting injuries. Examples of dangerous flooring conditions include spilled beverages, use of excessive wax, and torn carpeting or chipped marbles.

Malfunctioning Elevators and Escalators

Property owners may also be liable for any injuries sustained by individuals due to a malfunctioning elevator or escalator in their property.

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