Dangerous Pressurized Canister and Electrical Hazards at Missa Bay Result in Fines

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Oct 2011
  • Workers Compensation,
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Worker Compensation Attorney Swedesboro food manufacturer Missa Bay, LLC has been given citations for a number of safety violations following an OSHA inspection. It could be issued fines upwards of $50,000. Missa Bay, which packages and sells boxed, prepackaged salads and fruit selections, employs over 80 employees at the Swedeboro facility where OSHA found these violations.

The violations included: (1) failure to ensure the use of safety glasses and (2) unsafe pressure levels for the compressed air canisters that are used to clean air particles. Both had previously landed Missa Bay in trouble with OSHA.

In addition, OSHA inspectors found a number of electrical hazards and noted that Missa Bay failed to perform inspections of the cranes, hoist chains, and hooks used to move around large amounts of food. Representatives of OSHA said that these violations were extremely serious and could have likely contributed to workers being seriously injured or killed.

Companies found to be violating the OSHA’s safety guidelines are likely to be liable if any of their employees are injured. Injured workers may be entitled to a large settlement through Missa Bay’s workers’ compensation insurance.  However, like any insurance company, it will likely be reluctant to pay claimants the full value of their claim.

An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney can make a difference, and make sure you receive a reasonable amount from the workers’ comp insurance.  If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury in the state of New Jersey, you should find an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney today. Call Dan T. Matrafajlo today for a free initial consultation.

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