Were You Injured on One of NJ’s Worst Roadways?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Jul 2019
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Were You Injured on One of NJ’s Worst Roadways?

Most would say that coming in first place isn’t always a good thing. Meanwhile, you may already have your suspicions regarding NJ’s worst roadways. One news article describes the portion of Route 22 that runs from Union to Springfield as downright dangerous. And, yes, ranks it as the scariest highways in New Jersey.

To say that Route 22 remains congested on a regular basis covers just one part of the issue. Drivers dart from one lane to the next depending on their destination. After all, businesses not only exist on the east and west portions of the highway. Some actually reside in the center.

For one thing, motorists need to think fast while accelerating and merging through legal u-turns through center islands dividing east and west portions of Route 22.

Further up, the maneuvering becomes a bit easier. Just about everyone knows that jughandles are a New Jersey thing. Rather than make left turn lanes, jughandles allow drivers to make a right and stop at a traffic signal to cross the highway.

Meanwhile, New Jersey remains filled with traffic circles that account for motor vehicle crashes. Changes made to the one in Clark as you Garden State Parkway Exit 135 still confuse drivers and result in collisions. Seemingly, modifications to the Bayway Circle on Routes 1 and 9 in Elizabeth changed the high incidences of devastating automobile accidents.

NJ Ranks Poorly Nationally for Worst Roadways

Once again, it’s a statistic that brings little comfort. One publication ranks New Jersey second nationally as far as states with bad roads. Back in 2016, it appears that 48.7% of the public roads were reportedly in poor condition. In the meantime, a more than a third of the state’s bridges were purportedly deficient.

In the meantime, you may also suffer crash-related injuries if you’re traveling on any of New Jersey’s toll roads. Take, for example, the New Jersey Turnpike. Large tractor-trailers ride along with side passenger cars throughout the total length of the highway. For that reason, you may notice more truck accidents of the Turnpike.

That said, traffic volume on the Turnpike near Exits 13 and 13A compares to those seeking to head to New York City via the tunnels or George Washington Bridge. Speed represents a contributing factor to many motor vehicle crashes and can result in pileup accidents.

Not surprisingly, distracted driving contributes to many crashes along the Garden State Parkway. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to see someone driving slowly because they’re busy texting and driving.

Truth be told, if you’re hurt in a motor vehicle crash, you first care about receiving adequate medical treatment. The accident site may be of little consequence. And, it’s more than reasonable to expect monetary compensation if the collision was someone else’s fault.

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